Cajun Prairie Gardens: Making Meadows With Help From A Friend


The Cajun Prairie Gardens in 2014.

Planting seeds (literally and figuratively) begets gardens. Mark’s rendering of the Jesus’ Parable of the Sower/Soil/Seeds (Mark 4: 3-9 and other gospels) is fitting as Marc Pastorek has provided me with this opportunity or seed (literally and figuratively) to create a garden of thoughts relating to my garden of plants, butterflies, birds and more.

This blog is originally a measure for focusing my thoughts as I write a new book, tentatively titled The Cajun Prairie Gardens, a tribute to the development of the gardens created by my family and friends. These gardens represent attempts to demonstrate wildscaping with microprairies in southwestern Louisiana. The blog in essence will allow the readers to see the book literally evolve on these pages.

Whether Marc has tossed this seed on the road for birds, among the thorns to be overwhelmed, on unsuitable soils to fail to grow or mature or upon rich prairie soils suitable for this the seed, where it will thrive and reproduce, will be judged herewith.

Malcolm Vidrine


One comment

  1. Malcolm F. Vidrine · June 24, 2015

    Welcome aboard, Dr. Vidrine! was glad to help. Can’t wait for more!


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