Time and Space: The Cajun Prairie Restoration Project in pictures 25 years after installation

The Cajun Prairie Restoration Project is 25 years old. I took a series of pictures in 2013 and again in 2015 to portray the dynamic changes evident in this 10 acre garden. First, let us take a look at the project in 1994 in its sixth year of restoration as evidenced in a series of pictures in the book entitled A Cajun Prairie Restoration Journal by M. F. Vidrine, Charles M. Allen and William R. Fontenot in 1995.

Eunice praire phenology 1995

The recent pictures from 2013-2015 clearly show that the prairie has developed into a phenomenal garden, but that only makes sense when compared to the series of pictures in 1994. What follows is a mix of these recent pictures in order of months in which the pictures were taken. The rice dryer in the background will again serve as the point of focus–most pictures were taken from the bench along the concrete trails in the southeast corner of the 10 acre property.


February 6, 2015–Controlled burn with Marc Pastorek, Jackie Duncan and Margaret Frey (pictured above).

2 feb 2013 fire

February 2013-fire in the prairie as a controlled burn removes the aboveground material in preparation for a new growing season.

2 feb 2013 after fire

February 2013–the fire has prepared the site for the new growing season.

mar 2013

Early March 2013.

later mar 2013

Mid-March 2013.

apr 2013

April 2013.


Dr. Charles Allen celebrates the arrival of Spring.


late apr 2013

Late April 2013.

may 2013

May 2013.

jun 2013

Early June 2013.

2jun 2013

June 2013.

3midjun 2013

Late June 2013.

2jul 2013

Early July 2013.

3jul 2013

Mid-July 2013.

early aug 2013

Early August 2013.

2 early aug 2013

Early August 2013.

aug 2013

August 2013.

2aug 2013

August 2013.


sep 2013larry

September 2013–Larry Allain.

sep 2013

September 2013.



3lat sep 2013

Late September 2013.

3oct 2013

October 2013.


oct 24 2013

October 24, 2013–Monarch on Willow Aster.

2nov 2013

November 2013.


Merry Christmas from Gail and Malcolm.

Posted by M. F. Vidrine.


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