Louisiana Native Plant Society

Prairie dogs 020616 at Louisiana Native Plant Society

From left to right: Marc Pastorek, Charles Allen, Peter Loos, Jim Foret, Malcolm Vidrine and Larry Allain. Photo sent to me by Marc Pastorek. February 6, 2016.

At the Winter meeting last weekend, Marc Pastorek organized a prairie day. The Cajun Prairie was in focus as the old gang of prairie restorationists were gathered to speak and discuss prairies with the native plant enthusiasts from around the state. In the absence of Bill Fontenot, Jim Foret joined our gang for the group photo. We attempted to recreate the photo in the Cajun Prairie book taken by Tom Hillman in 2000.

Here is the powerpoint presentation of my talk at the meeting.

6prairie landscaping – prairie ecology for the LNPS meeting, Feb 5-7th


Posted by Malcolm Vidrine 021116 (malcolmvidrine@yahoo.com)


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