Master Naturalists at The Cajun Prairies in Eunice

Saturday (May 5) was prairie training day for Master Naturalists from the Lake Charles area. Dr. Tommy Hillman organized the day. The group visited 3 prairie restoration projects in Eunice: The Cajun Prairie Restoration Project (30 years old), Cajun Prairie Gardens (20 years old) and Shallow Lake by Vernon Fuselier (15 years old).

After a real winter in south Louisiana, the prairies are busting into their late spring blossoms. The Cajun Prairie Habitat Preservation Society meets next Saturday (May 12) in Eunice for their spring tours and meeting. Check for details. I plan to be placing images of my gardens at a new site — so check that site out in the near future.

My powerpoint presentations are attached.

Malcolm Vidrine (

general prairie ecology for MN

cajun prairie for MN


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